Glimpses of Magonia


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A photo of Emma Woods as a child with her cat.
I am one of many people who have had anomalous experiences throughout their lives that cannot be explained in conventional terms.

My own experiences fit patterns that, in our culture, are often explained as “paranormal”, “UFO” or “alien abduction” experiences. I have an agnostic view of these cultural explanations; I am neither a “believer” nor a “skeptic”. However, I think that the underlying experiences giving rise to these explanations are both real and anomalous, whatever their origin.

My husband and I live with our four cats in the Asia-Pacific region. I have an occupational diploma, and have taken several papers at university in subjects that interest me.

I am using a pseudonym to protect my family and myself from the stigma of anomalous experiences in our culture.


  • Personality Type (Coming Soon)
  • Psychological Assessment (Coming Soon)
  • Sleep Disorder (Coming Soon)


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